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Utilizing The Stock Market As a Cheat Code To Life

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Course Overview

Introduction into the Stock market

  • What Are Stocks
  • What Influences Stocks
  • Difference Between Traders & Investors
  • Stock Market Terminology
  • Understanding Market Sentiment
  • Choosing Your Trading Styles
  • Technical Analysis
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Pattern Day Trader Explained
  • How To Get Around The (PTD) Rule
  • Cash Account Vs Margin Account
  • Choosing The Right Brokerage

Getting Started in the Stock Market

  • Setting Up Your Brokerage Account
  • Understanding Options
  • Trading Options vs Regular Stocks
  • Understanding The Greeks
  • Choosing The Right Option Contracts
  • How To Purchase Option Contracts
  • Setting Up Trading Charts
  • Understanding Indicators
  • Understanding Candlesticks
  • Understanding Candlestick Patterns
  • Intro To Support & Resistance (S&R)
  • Understanding Patterns
  • Understanding Gaps
Intro To Smart Money 

  • How To Build Your Watchlist
  • Intro To Stock Scanners 
  • Active Trader Overview & Setup
  • Money & Risk Management Plan
  • How To Set a Stop Loss
  • How To Know When To Take Entry
  • How To Know When To Exit
  • Executing Your First Trade
  • Tips For Success In Trading!
  • Journaling Your Trades
  • Developing a Longterm Portfolio
  • Surprise Bonus Gift


Ryan Persad

(born December 10th, 1999) is an American stock market trader, author, entrepreneur, and realtor based in Daytona Beach, FL. Persad is a highly acclaimed stock market trader who has developed advanced trading strategies over the years. He currently serves as CEO and Founding Investment Expert of Options League, a company dedicated to helping others achieve financial freedom through the stock market. As well as the Founder and CEO of The Unique Brainz Organization

Born in Bridgeport, Connecticut, Persad developed an interest in entrepreneurship at an early age and started his first successful business venture aged just 13.[1] 

The Florida-based stock market trader generated six figures from a company he founded at the age of only 13 which helped him build a substantial social following. When asked why Ryan turned to the markets he stated “The same reason I became a licensed realtor at 19 years old. I wanted to further grow my asset chain and have my money work for me rather than myself work for it.” At the age of 20, Ryan generated over 1 million dollars trading in the stock market.

By the age of 21, he has helped thousands of people find financial freedom through the markets.

With a proven skillset, Ryan has captured the attention of many individuals, companies, and stock exchanges.

Persad was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in childhood, he realized that he could use his social media following to bring a positive social impact, and so he changed his social media handles to @ADHDRYAN to bring awareness for the condition and help people with mental health issues.[2]

Persad is often covered by the high-tier news publications including Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Huffington Post, and Inc. (magazine) for his stock market strategies. He is also a writer at Entrepreneur.com [3] He has received the Top 10 percent: Global Financial Literacy Award and is also a Forbes Council member.

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  • 3+ Hrs A-Z Step by Step Walkthrough on Utilizing The Stock Market as a Cheat Code To Life!

  • 3+ Hrs A-Z Step by Step Walkthrough on Utilizing The Stock Market as a Cheat Code To Life!


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Utilizing The Stock Market As a Cheat Code To Life

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